Passion Meets Purpose

My sophomore year of college I became Marketing Director for my sorority Chi Omega. This was during the time that blogs were still frequently read and before Instagram stories were a thing. Why does that statement make me feel old?

I started a series for our blog called “Passion Meets Purpose” where I would interview different members each week and share how their interests and majors relate to things that they are doing and are passionate about. Essentially, I was weaving what they love to what they are doing and tried to capture each member’s personality and path. Through this position and blog series, I quickly realized my passion for Public Relations, and for the first time had that “aha” moment that I loved what I was doing for my major.

When people ask me what they should major in or if they would like PR, I apply the same tactic that I used when writing these blog posts. My question for you would first be what are you doing right now that you feel like you are gifted in or enjoy?

Are you a great writer?

Do you enjoy talking to people?

Are you passionate about the media?

Do you have a creative spirit?

I then ask the question to find out your passions.

What stirs your soul?

What questions keep you up at night?

What makes you super excited?

Then we can find a common thread. My thread is that I am passionate about people’s stories. I believe that the Lord is the most unique and brilliant storyteller of all time and that he is writing the most beautiful stories for each one of us.

My purpose or what I am doing is I love writing. I love putting into words what people have a hard time communicating. I love design and combining images, graphics, colors and words to create something that speaks a specific message.

So, my passion meeting purpose is Public Relations. The amazing thing about PR though is that you can easily have a completely different passion as me, but still have the same purpose. Or even vice versa.

3 things to note about Public Relations before you subject yourself to the course where you have to get an 83 of above on a 1,000-word spelling test:

  1. You need to love writing. You will write more press releases, projects and pitches than you ever want to. But if you are comfortable with writing, it will make it a lot easier.
  2. Be prepared to work as a team. There has not been a semester that I have not had a group project. PR professors love group projects as much as Kanye loves himself.
  3. Find your niche. PR is so broad and there are so many routes that you can take. Take some time your junior year to really ask yourself what you could actually build a career on. That could be anything from writing and editorial to social media and analytics. Once you know what you want to become an expert in, take electives that help you gain a leg up in experience.

Public Relations will always be a relevent major, because regardless of the modes of communication- brands need people to know their audiences and help them communicate their story.