5 strong female leads for this valentines day

“I try to write parts for women that are as complicated and interesting as women actually are.” – Nora Ephron

My favorite movies of all time are all either by Nora Ephron or Nancy Myers. These women create movies that not only have strong female leads but also endearing supporting characters that together crafts the most delightful stories. In Public Relations, the first thing that we are taught is to define your audience. When you are sending a message through media for your company, knowing who you are talking to is the most important first step. I have broken down my favorite movies by different audiences on Valentine’s day.

These are all romantic comedies with strong female leads that anyone will enjoy this Valentine’s day. Maybe you are like me, writing Valentines to your girl gang and treating yourself to a massive bowl of popcorn and rosé. If so, I have some movies that will capture your heart.

For the Instagram obsessed:

You’ve Got Mail will make you want to grab a glass of wine and fall into your own Instagram dm love affair. Kathleen Kelly is the kind of character that inspires you to write a love letter, buy some freshly cut daisies and keep up with this modern world despite your old soul.

For the foodie:

Julie and Julia is mouth-watering good. It will inspire you to not only learn how to poach an egg but also to chase after a crazy passion project. Whether you are more Julia Child and have an enthusiastic spirit and big appetite, or more like Julie Powell with an insatiable hunger for something meaningful in your life. You will be satisfied with this movie pick.

For the Pinterest addict:

Home Again was Nancy Myer’s daughter first movie, and with the help of her mother, every scene in this movie is “pinnable”. There are certain movies that I would be content to watch on mute, and the scenes and costumes alone make this movie fall into that category. Alice Kinney is dissatisfied in her life and is completely charmed when she suddenly has three new houseguests. This movie will remind you of the importance of taking chances, being open to the whimsy of life and it is a love note to beautiful interiors coupled with endearing characters.

For the person that hates Valentine’s day:

Baby Boom was one of Nancy Myer’s first movies, and I would like to argue as one of her finest. J.C. Wiatt is the epitome of a #girlboss and will make you laugh until you cry at how relatable her meltdowns are. If you hate the cheesiness of Valentine’s day, this movie is for you because J.C. Wiatt is anything but basic and will push you to dream a little bigger and outside of the expectations that people place on you.

For the girl who is in love with her job:

In the movie The Intern, Jules Ostin will steal your heart through her ability to be bravely soft. She is the female lead that we should all aspire to be, she listens and is lovely- yet a total leader. This movie will bring you to tears, especially seeing Robert Dinero and Anne Hathaway curled up in luscious bathrobes watching old fashioned movies.