Typography Is Print’s Voice

Typography is so much more than a few words strung together to create something that catches the reader’s eye. Type is an art and a science to a certain degree. Just as Frank Sinatra’s voice is impossible to replicate in “The Way You Look Tonight, type strung together to make a print creates something with its’ own unique voice. The benefits of typography go beyond relaying the message that you desire to share through words. It in and of itself conveys a message through its’ design.

The benefit of typography is creating an eye-catching message that speaks to the reader before they are even reading – it’s while they are still simply a viewer or passer-by. A letterform is a graphic form of any letter of the alphabet. A letterform can take on any vibe from a masculine and bold message to a dainty and petite script. The key is to find a type that does not distract from the words, but rather is a carrier of those words. For example, if you are saying like the magazine article below, to “paint outside the lines,” then you want your type to seem messy, creative and to have a flow almost as if they are painting outside the lines with its’ letterform.

The benefits of typography can be found anywhere from social media, where there is an influx of messages constantly fighting for your attention, to your own home. I looked around my house to find typography in random places where maybe I had never spotted the art and design before.

Some resources that I used to help me get my bearings on Indesign’s typography is this Youtube video! It essentially breaks down how to pick out typography that enhances one another. One of the benefits of typography is that you do not have to have any artistic abilities like drawing or painting to pick out lettering. It is simply all about having an artful eye!

I am always on the lookout for pretty typography, now that I have learned its’ importance and benefits. I created a Pinterest board called Style and Design where I compile inspiration and graphics that I would like to draw ideas from. You can visit it here.

The benefit of typography is that it creates a voice for you to let your message be read and told. Just like Sinatra’s rich and buttery voice, your typography can have an irreplaceable tone. This is done by having a careful eye and noticing the small ways that different fonts complement each other, being cognizant of font size and asking yourself what vibe is being conveyed through your specific type.